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I’d like to reiterate some of the ideas that many here embrace. Given some of the recent histrionics in the wider Kundalini (and ex) community, these bear repeating. by Ravi Singh

First, let me state it unambiguously: YB did not “make up” Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga has
a proven pedigree which is readily apparent to those who are willing to do even a cursory
investigation. Kundalini Yoga is a shabd-centric system. It’s based on kriya science. It’s a tantric
system which embraces what works: conscious breathing, rhythm and resonance, and tuning in
to the sacred signal.
YB did innovate, update, and recontextualize and the fact that he abused his power and caused
very real harm to many is indisputable. We will forever be in support of the innocent souls who
were victimized. Does that mean we should drop Kundalini Yoga? The answer is no, because
there’s nothing better to address human suffering. We’re tantric yogis and for the sake of those we
serve, we embrace what works, even if that thing is perceived as transgressive or problematic.
Every yoga lineage has had its scandals. Arch hypocrisy pervades every venue of human history
and expression. For instance, Steve Jobs was not a stellar being but no one is putting down their
iPhone, the creation of which, incidentally, contributes to human oppression and taxes the earth.
This group was founded on these principles:

We honor Adi Shakti who is Compassion. Who is Kundalini. Who is the Creativity of Creation.
Who is the Hope for the World.
We bow to the Infinite Teacher who is the source of these amazing Teachings
May we be conscious conduits for the Universe to work through.

We believe that Kundalini Yoga is a compendium of the “greatest hits,” of the Saints and Sages
of the ages and that it exists as part of the continuum of All Yoga.
May we empower each other to trust our own experience. May we have the flexibility to discuss,
process, and re-contextualize the Teachings with relevance to the needs of the people we serve.
We honor the right of everyone to practice and teach informed by their own experience.
We acknowledge that there will always be a dynamic tension between traditionalists and
innovators. This is what fuels evolution. We opt for the Spirit of the Awe over the letter of the
Many people have come to feel victimized or betrayed and many of the best and brightest were
forced out of the 3HO community. In the Spirit of Sat Nam and for Kundalini Yoga to truly
evolve, there needs to be not only full transparency about inappropriate and criminal behavior
that went on behind the scenes in 3HO, but tangible reparations rather than the token variety.
We do not recognize 3HO/KRI as having the moral or legal authority to claim “ownership” of
Kundalini Yoga. Going forward, Kundalini Yoga belongs to the people who practice it.
In keeping with true Aquarian values we feel that:

Kundalini Yoga is meant to be an open-source teaching.

We acknowledge that many aspects of the Sikh tradition are irrevocably woven through this
technology and we have great reverence and gratitude for the Sikh tradition.

Kundalini Yoga is an emergent system. Constantly reinventing itself through time and space.

Kundalini Yoga is a tantric system. Tantric systems are based on the same underlying principles
which are eternal, but they morph externally into whatever form is most appropriate for the time
they’re in.

We believe that to honor our soul we need to honor who we are and honor other people’s rights
to unabashedly be who they are. This aligns with the resonance of Sat Nam, the essence of which
is that Reality into which the ‘I’ dissolves.

We believe that as Kundalini Yoga Teachers we are meant to be a support system for those who
have made non-traditional choices, either in gender identity, lifestyle, or culture.

We believe that (in our Teacher Trainings) it should not be obligatory to wear all white and keep
one’s head covered. We believe that these types of things should be a personal decision.

We believe that the forms that emerge as Kundalini Yoga evolves will transcend our yoga mats
(or sheepskins) and surprise all of us.

Kundalini Yoga is training for life. We believe that Kundalini Yoga works best when we make
our yoga our life and our life our yoga.

We believe that Kundalini Yoga should be above all, joyful expressions of art and soul.


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