A New Way Forward for Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Practitioners

Our Pillars:
○ Ethics First. Mutual Accountability and a Dharma-informed Code of Conduct.
 A Competency-based Designation Process to Elevate our Profession.
○ Educational Paths for Lifelong Learning.
 Community Outreach, Connection, and Support.
 An Upleveling of All Things Kundalini.
 Realigning with the Wheel of Dharma.

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"May Our Soul Purpose Be Our Sole Purpose: To Use Our Gifts To Heal, Uplift, and Inspire." — Ravi Singh


Evolving Kundalini promotes an expansive and inclusionary approach to how this sacred science is practiced, taught, and interpreted. We are an open source conscious community of progressive Kundalini practitioners and yoga professionals.

Evolving Kundalini has formed in response to the problematic past of the previous organizational construct to deliver mutual respect and ethical accountability.  We hope that you will be inspired to join us as we carry Kundalini Yoga forward for the benefit of all.

Evolving Kundalini was formed in 2020 by Ravi Singh and other “Independent” Kundalini Yoga Teachers in response to the disclosure that Yogi Bhajan, who had delivered Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969, had abused his power and caused very real harm to many.

Evolving Kundalini unequivocally supports those who were harmed, marginalized, and/or exploited. In the Spirit of Sat Nam and for Kundalini Yoga to truly evolve, we declare a new day for how Kundalini Yoga is taught, practiced, and understood.