We are dedicated to the formation of consummate and compassionate Teachers and leaders.

Our Designation Seal denotes a skilled and ethical yoga professional. By vetting members for competency, and a commitment to ethics, we elevate the profession for those we serve and future generations.

Our Designations Are:

Level 1 (EK1)

A Level 1 Teacher has a foundational understanding of the principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga. A Level 1 Teacher has the basic knowledge and skill to competently lead a Kundalini Yoga class (1:1 or group). A Level 1 Teacher is still developing their own teaching voice. A Level 1 Teacher has made a solid commitment to sadhana, ethics, and life-long learning.

Level 2 (EK2)

A Level 2 Teacher has integrated understanding of the practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga, and has begun to discover their unique voice. They have the adaptive skills to effectively teach in diverse environments and to a range of populations.

Level 3 (EK3)

A Level 3 Teacher has embodied knowledge of Kundalini Yoga. They demonstrate inspired aptitude in one, or more, specialized areas. They are conscious catalysts, and are living their practice, able to teach or create teachers, and are committed to a life in service.

Level 4 (EK4)

A Level 4 Teacher is an honorary designation akin to a lifetime achievement award. A Level 4 Teacher has expert knowledge and a lifetime of yogic experience. They are transmitters of the teachings, inspired to inspire. Essentially whatever they teach becomes the Teachings! They demonstrate a proven dedication to the practice, tradition, and profession. They have contributed a body of work in service to yoga and all beings. Once a year we will issue a call for nominations. The Board will then award this designation.

Designees will be interviewed and accessed on EK Yogic competencies and ever evolving criteria.